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Being involved in many important biological processes, miRNAs can regulate gene expression by targeting mRNAs to facilitate their degradation or translational inhibition. Many miRNA sequencing studies reveal that miRNA variations such as isomiRs and "arm switching" are biologically relevant. However, existing standalone tools usually do not provide comprehensive, detailed information on miRNA variations. To deepen our understanding of miRNA variability, we developed a new standalone tool called "mirPRo" to quantify known miRNAs and predict novel miRNAs. Compared with the most widely used standalone program, miRDeep2, mirPRo offers several new functions including read cataloging based on genome annotation, optional seed region check, miRNA family expression quantification, isomiR identification and categorization, and "arm switching" detection. Our comparative data analyses using three datasets from mouse, human and chicken demonstrate that mirPRo is more accurate than miRDeep2 by avoiding over-counting of sequence reads and by implementing different approaches in adapter trimming, mapping and quantification. mirPRo is an open-source standalone program ([1]