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RNA plays a critical role in gene expression and its regulation. RNA binding proteins (RBPs), in turn, are important regulators of RNA. Thanks to the availability of large scale data for RBP binding motifs and in vivo binding sites results in the form of eCLIP experiments, it is now possible to computationally predict RBP binding sites across the whole genome.
We describe MotifMap-RNA, an extension of MotifMap which predicts binding sites for RBP motifs across human and mouse genomes and allows large scale querying of predicted binding sites.
The data and corresponding web server are available from: as part of the MotifMap web portal. or
Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.[1]


  1. MotifMap-RNA: a genome-wide map of RBP binding sites.,
    Liu, Yu, Sun Sha, Bredy Timothy, Wood Marcelo, Spitale Robert C., and Baldi Pierre
    , Bioinformatics, 2017 Jul 01, Volume 33, Issue 13, p.2029-2031, (2017)